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Shadywood Tree Experts has been offering high quality and affordable tree trimming, tree removal, and plant health care (including treatment of insects and diseases) for the Twin Cities metro area since 1967.


How we help your trees

Healthy trees add value to your property and the environment. Trees give us shade, clean air and wildlife habitat for years. Here's how to care for them.

Tree Care Calendar

spring tree work


Spring is one of the busiest season for arborists. The Winters in Minnesota can be long and often Spring feels shorter because of the amount of rain and cooler temperatures. Spring is also a great time to prepare your trees and landscaping for the long, hot summer months. Some of things you should start doing to prepare your trees for the summer:

1. Inspect trees and shrubs
2. Prune dead branches
3. Plant new trees
4. Fertilize existing trees

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Tree trimming

Tree trimming or pruning is necessary for proper tree care. When done correctly, it removes weak and poorly attached branches and promotes proper tree structure. Each year you can feel confident that your tree is healthy, safe, and beautiful. Pruning is also essential for reducing the risk of limbs or even the entire tree coming down, causing accidents that could thousands of dollars later down the road.

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emergency storm service

Evergreen tree tipped over on house.JPG

When disaster strikes, you need professional help, and fast. Beware of "storm chaser" tree services who go door to door after strong winds and rain wreak havoc in a neighborhood. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured, and have provided expert tree service to Twin Cities residents for decades. We've removed fallen trees from houses, cars, pools, driveways, roads and just about every other situation you can imagine. 

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tree removal

Shadywood Tree Experts - tree removal

While our goal is to care for trees to help them stay healthy for decades, sometimes removal is the best option. If trees are diseased beyond treatment, decayed, or have grown too close to a structure, we can safely remove them. 

We take the utmost care when working on your lawn, near your house and around other trees and plants on your property. 

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Plant health care

Shadywood Tree Experts is the comprehensive solution to your tree and shrub care needs. Whether your trees and shrubs require pruning, fertilization, insect/disease control, or nothing at all, our International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists will recommend the best solutions for your tree and shrub care needs. Shadywood Tree Experts' Plant Health Care department uses the most advanced tools, equipment and techniques to care for your trees at a reasonable cost. Site inspections are free and offered year-round

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Shadywood Tree Experts


We can help you enjoy your outdoor space just as much -- or even more -- than your indoor space. Whether you dream of planting new trees, shrubs, native plants or flowers, or transforming part of your property into an outdoor living space with a patio, water feature, or fireplace, we can help. We've built chicken coops and raised gardens for customers who want to raise their own food. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

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Shadywood Tree Experts EAB larva

emerald ash borer (eab) treatment

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a major threat to ash trees in the Twin Cities metro area. It has already killed millions of trees in its path, and is on track to kill 100% of untreated ash trees here in a matter of years. But preventative treatment is incredibly effective if started before trees show signs of EAB.   

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Shadywood Tree Experts - stump grinding

stump grinding

Get your outdoor square footage back by removing stumps from trees that have been cut down. If you have an unsightly stump taking up space on your lawn, and would like to reclaim the area to be landscaped however you choose, we can help. We are happy to give estimates for removing old stumps, as well as part of a new tree removal estimate. 

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Winter tree work


While spring and summer might be the time of year you enjoy your trees the most, winter can be the best time of year to have tree work done. In fact, there are several species of trees that are only safe to trim in the winter months, including oaks, elms, crab apples, and many species of shrubs.

Winter is the best time of year to remove invasive buckthorn from your property as well.  

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