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Minnesota Tree FAQ

Why are my tree leaves turning yellow? About leaf chlorosis

What is leaf chlorosis?

Leaf chlorosis is a yellowing of leaves caused by a lack of chlorophyll. 

What causes leaf chlorosis?

When soil conditions are too alkaline, micronutrients like Iron solidify and become unavailable.  When trees become deficient in Iron they cannot make chlorophyll and develop leaf chlorosis.  Since trees need chlorophyll for photosynthesis, trees with severe chlorosis weaken and die.

Trees commonly seen with chlorosis are:

  • Oak

  • Birch

  • Maple

Treatment for leaf chlorosis

In moderate to severe cases we use trunk injection with micronutrients to treat the deficiency. 

The treatment lasts 1-3 years and needs to be followed up after symptoms return. Annual fertilization with a slow release tree fertilizer is also recommended to promote health and reduce stress.

River Birch we treated last summer responded very well to treatment in a short period of time. Pics on left are before pics and ones on right are after treatment a few months later.

By: David Anderson, Plant Health Care, Shadywood Tree Experts ISA Arborist

Leaf chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll)

Leaf chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll)

Tree suffering from leaf chlorosis

Chlorosis treatment before and after

Chlorosis treatment before and after

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