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Shadywood Tree Experts has been offering high quality and affordable tree trimming, tree removal, and plant health care (including treatment of insects and diseases) for the Twin Cities metro area since 1967.

Winter tree care

Minneapolis Lakes Tree trimming service. Tree trimming, or pruning, is necessary for proper tree care. When done correctly, it eliminates identified weak and poorly attached branches and promotes proper tree structure.

Best time of year for tree work? Winter

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trimming trees in winter

The best time of year to trim or remove trees is in the winter. Trees go dormant in the winter months, and that makes it safer and healthier to trim them, with less risk of  insect or disease infestation. 

Here are just a few reasons for having one of our ISA certified arborists out and scheduling your tree work in the winter:  

  • Several species of trees can only be trimmed in winter, including oaks, elms, fruit trees and some shrubs
  • Removing buckthorn in winter is more effective at preventing regrowth
  • There is less risk of lawn damage from heavy equipment when the ground is frozen
  • Thinning out overgrown trees can prevent winter storm damage
  •  Bare branches make it easier to identify structural damage before it becomes dangerous to the tree's health, or other trees and structures around it

Don't wait until spring or summer; contact us for a free evaluation of your trees from one of our ISA certified arborists, and get your trees in tip top shape before the snow melts.