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Shadywood Tree Experts has been offering high quality and affordable tree trimming, tree removal, and plant health care (including treatment of insects and diseases) for the Twin Cities metro area since 1967.

Insect / Disease Control

Twin Cities Insect / Disease Control Services

Bronze birch borer exit hole

Bronze birch borer exit hole

Boring insects such as emerald ash borer, two-lined chestnut borer on oaks, and bronze birch borer represent only one type of insect that can affect our trees.

Others insects affecting trees include plantbugs, aphids, and caterpillars. In addition, diseases such as apple scab, anthracnose of ash and oaks, and Rhizosphaera needle cast of spruce can cause significant harm if not death to our trees.

Shadywood Tree Experts has solutions to solve these problems and many more. We can develop a custom insect/disease control program for your trees that is highly effective and economical.