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Shadywood Tree Experts has been offering high quality and affordable tree trimming, tree removal, and plant health care (including treatment of insects and diseases) for the Twin Cities metro area since 1967.

About Keith Curtis


Keith Curtis, Co-owner

ISA Certified Arborist# MN-4130A

What got you interested in becoming an arborist? Many of my family members were a part of the tree care industry before I was. Both by grandpa and my uncle had careers in tree care, then my dad eventually started Shadywood Tree Experts. When I graduated college my Dad was in the process of actively growing Shadywood Tree Experts. This gave me the opportunity to see the many different facets of tree care, which inevitably lead me to becoming a certified as an arborist. Becoming a certified was an opportunity for me to grow professionally, gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between trees and our community and it gave me confidence in providing quality tree health assessments.

When and where did you start your career with tree work? I started working with the family business when I was in junior high school, the way many young kids get started. I dragged brush and raked debris from lawns all the way until was in college, when I started climbing trees and using aerial lifts. All the while I worked at Shadywood Tree Experts.

What different jobs or roles have you had in the industry? Ground operations specialist, tree climber, equipment operator, consulting arborist, general manager and now I proudly wear the hat of Co-owner.

Talk about your work experience: In addition to being a co-owner at Shadywood Tree Experts, my work experience is influenced greatly through our value of continuing education. Sharing knowledge from workshops on electrical hazards awareness, aerial rescue, leadership, proper pruning practices and safe tree removal operation have added to the culture at Shadywood Tree Experts. We strive to have informed members of our team in every area of arboriculture.

What are your hobbies? Spending time with my wife and kids, writing and playing music, exercise and anything that can push my limits to grow as a person.   

What is one thing you wish more people here in the Twin Cities knew about trees and plant health? I wish more people would take preventative measures to care for their trees. Two measures that can easily be taken by most homeowners include deep root watering in the dry, summer months. This can ward off stress brought on by drought. Another measure that can be applied by homeowners is mulch around the base of their trees.  Mulch will help the retain valuable moisture in the soil, eliminate turf competition with absorbing tree roots for water and nutrients and keep the weed whipper away from the trunk.