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Stump Grinding

Clean slate.

Shadywood Tree Experts stump grinding

Stump grinding

A tree stump left alone in a wooded area, garden or rock bed might be desirable in your yard, but if you have plans to plant a new tree or don't want to mow the grass around or trip over a stump, then we can remove it for you. 

Shadywood Tree Experts and Landscaping provides stump grinding services, which include:

  • Notifying Gopher State One to identify and mark underground utilities
  • Grinding the stump to about 8 inches below the ground surface
  • Giving you the option of hauling the excess mulch away, or leaving it for you to spread around other trees and shrubs to help retain moisture
  • Filling the hole with black dirt and seed, if requested

The stump grinding machine has a circular blade, which travels back and forth across the stump surface, aerating the mulched wood as it grinds deeper and deeper. When stumps are ground, there will be a mound of mulch mixed with dirt from the grinding process next to where the stump was. This mulch is lightweight and easy to spread to other areas, and is a great natural material to spread around the base of your other trees to help retain moisture.