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Emergency Storm Service

Emergency Storm Damage Removal & Cleanup Service in Minnesota

Shadywood Tree Experts

Storm damage

When disaster strikes, you need professional help, and fast. We've removed fallen trees from houses, cars, pools, driveways, roads and just about every other situation you can imagine. 

Beware of "storm chaser" tree services who go door to door after strong winds and rain wreak havoc in a neighborhood. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured, and have provided expert tree service to Twin Cities residents for decades.

How to prevent storm damage

Trees need to be properly thinned and trimmed to help prevent storm damage. When trees are leafed out, if the crown has not been thinned out, the winds cannot blow through the tree as easily and its density can act like a wall, greatly increasing the likelihood of branches breaking or entire trees uprooting.

This can also occur in the winter months, when ice forms on the branches, followed by windy weather.

Untrimmed/not thinned trees are at increased odds of breakage, with evergreens particularly prone to being blown over when laden with snow and ice.

Shadywood Tree Experts can help if any of these natural disasters happen to your trees. We respond quickly and prioritize work to remove downed trees or large branches that have fallen on houses or other structures (garages, fences, vehicles, boats, etc.), blocking doors or driveways, or other immanent dangers.

We come out in person to provide a complete written estimate along with a timeframe as to how quickly the work can be done.